Thursday, 7 July 2011

July - Hydrangeas, Clematis and more

 Hello everyone,
I can't believe we are into July already.The Hydrangeas are blooming and I forgot to change them into blue.
Maybe I still can change the color. What do you think? Is it too late? Above you can see my new one which I  bought in June. I like to keep them in a pot and than transfer them into the garden in early  fall.

 Here is the same one just 4 weeks later.

This one is doing a bit pooly this year.

 Clematis - oh, I really love them.

 I will let the photos do the talking:)

I should have set up the table for you - sorry.

This rose smells just heavenly and blooms and blooms.

 Snowwhite needs a lot of TLC right now.

Whishing you a wonderful July. Thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving me a comment.

Happy gardening.


  1. Such beautiful pics, friend :-)!

  2. Beautiful! I love hydrangeas and clematis as well.

  3. such a beautiful garden you have with awesome flowers.
    have a wonderful vacation and till august.

  4. That clematis is so unique. How do you change the color of hydrangeas? I read that it had something to do with the soil. Hard to believe July is more than halfway over. The summer is flying by! I have to go back to school in 3-1/2 weeks. :/ Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  5. how lovely! love it that you have both a craft and garden blog. I'm planning on planting clematis for next year, i want a purple one to twine into my red climbing roses. xo Anne

  6. Your garden is such a lovely place with lots of pretty flowers, dear Marie! It must be wonderful to sit there and relax.
    Have a great weekend, sweet friend!
    Hugs to you,

  7. Delighted to meet you
    Your Blog is lovely!

  8. Marie, your garden is so beautiful! I also like to decorate the yard, of course! Didn't realize you even had this blog until just now. Love to see other peoples yards and gardens and obviously inside houses! Your garden is very dreamy...hugs, Pam